About Rob Ley

Rob with Grandmaster Roland Tong. Long time student and close friend of Ip Man.

Rob with Grandmaster Roland Tong. Long time student and close friend of Ip Man.


Sifu Robert Ley grew up watching Bruce Lee movies. From the age of 5 he started having a Bruce Lee movie night with his dad once a week. Since then he has never really stopped watching whenever possible.

He has trained in several  other martial arts over the years, to include Silat, Kali, Brazilian jujitsu, Kick Boxing and boxing but stopped training in the above martial arts to really focus on what he is really passionate about,  Ip Man Ving Tsun and Jeet Kune Do.

Robert Ley is a fully qualified Wing Chun Instructor, registered and recognised by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, his Sifu is Grand Master Roland Tong. Grand Master Roland Tong was a close personal friend and student of GGM Ip Man. Robert Ley is Grand Master Roland Tongs only student living outside of China and has done the Bai -See Ceremony. He is also a fully qualified Instructor of Jeet Kune Do (JKD). The fighting method created by the late great Bruce Lee.

Sifu Robert Ley has been the UK representative for Sifu Lamar Davis of Hardcore Jeet Kune Do since 2013.

He was recognised as a Master of Ip Man Wing Chun by the World Martial Arts Council during 2014 later being awarded Master of the year 2015 at the Munich Hall of Honours and again at the Innsbruck Hall of Honours July 2016 

He is the Co-Founder of the International Ving tsun / Jeet Kune Do Alliance(along with Sifu Lamar Davis/Jeet Kune Do) and is the Senior Instructor for the Ip Man Ving Tsun Division.