“I am a new student at the Rob Ley Academy in Penzance, Cornwall.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone at the Academy for the warm welcome.

I am 43 years old and have always been fairly active throughout my life, although generally consider myself to be just an average guy.

I dabbled in boxing in my younger years and later Muay Thai, however as we all know sometimes life as a different plan and years later I began to look for something new.

Circumstances led me to the Rob Ley Academy in which I have attended about 5 sessions so far,  and already family and friends have commented on positive changes in my character.

The club/Kwoon has a  very welcoming feel to it, it's hard to describe at the moment probably because I am still new, but the environment feels relaxed and comfortable with a huge sense of professionalism. There is no attitude, no ego and everyone is supportive, friendly and patient.

Sifu Rob Ley and all his students inspire me with every session I attend. 

I am enjoying the challenge of learning something completely new and I cannot think of a better place to start than the Rob Ley Academy to see where this journey leads.”

- Darrell Lasbury

"As a child I was disciplined with aggressive violence which I know know would be considered abuse. At the age of thirteen I decided to run away from home and spent time in a children's home as well as foster care. Throughout this time I received no help and support surrounding my upbringing which meant that I remained angry at the years of abuse I had encountered. I was in fights on a daily bases and despite starting taekwondo I got in a fight where I lost control which resulted in a custodial sentence.

Once released I continued to train, however still had problems regarding aggression and with a very short fuse. I searched for help with this and it took eighteen months of counselling (and a lot of money) until my life started getting better. Despite this, if someone was being aggressive I would still not walk away as I saw this as a sign of weakness.

Some years later I met my wife and we have had 6 children which has helped me to control my thoughts, feelings and actions.

At the age of 42, out of the blue, I suffered a heart attack. Once home from hospital feelings of vulnerability began to grow which worsened over time. Knowing I needed to do something about this, I decided to try jeet kune do. I started looking for clubs and found Robert Ley's web site. Being a Master in Wing Chun trained by Grand Master Samuel Kwok and the official UK Hardcore Jeet kune do representative, I phoned and arranged a meeting.

I explained everything to Rob, no stone unturned! Rob advised that jeet kune do was not the way forward and introduced me to ip man wing Chun. I started 1:1 sessions once a week sometimes twice a week. In such a short space of time my wife had noticed that I was changing. She has commented upon how much calmer my presence is, as well as my ability to think before reacting. 

Wing Chun has enabled me to listen and to control my actions. I feel more positive and calmer within my self. For the very first time when confronted aggressively by a stranger, I was able to react calmly with no aggression and was able to walk away. Most of all I did not feel threatened or weak.

Life is a journey and whilst mine did not have a great start, this has made me the person I am today. By meeting master Robert Ley and being taught ip man wing Chun, life looks and feels brighter for my family and myself. I cannot thank Rob enough. If I had to put a cash sum on my experiences and transformation since beginning my journey learning wing Chun, the answer would be.........Priceless!!"

- Richard Rowe

"I firstly like to say what a honour it is to be trained in such an art by such a man.

I’m 24 and work a lot as a carpenter, but always try to make as much time for Wing Chun as possible as I am very passionate and enjoy learning new skills every week, it seems to leave me wanting more every time we train. It was strange to me at first being involved in boxing for so many years, but Sifu has a wealth of experience in Wing Chun and has been able to take my skills and tune me in to a crisp respectful fighter in this extremely skillful art. I have the upmost respect for him he’s not just a teacher, he’s a father and wants the best for all his students. We as a club are a brotherhood and would do anything for our Sifu.

I have change my perspective on life. It teaches you respect for others and above all for yourself. I feel fitter and stronger and can see myself living with Wing Chun for many years to come. A massive thank you. Sifu Ley."

- Luke Blackwell

"In opening, I consider myself blessed to be a student under Sifu Robert Ley. But I digress. My name is Stephen Toy, I’m 46 and have the misfortune to have Bi Polar disorder, type 2 affective. As well as Arthritis in my lower back, and 4 smashed vertebrae. My Kung Fu Brother Richard Rowe convinced me to attend Ip Man Wing Chun lessons. For that I will be eternally grateful.

They say you only get one true Sifu, this I now know to be true. I have studied a few different Martial arts and had many teachers. But now I have found my one true Sifu. Sifu bristles with knowledge and a true love of both Ip Man Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do. And this he shares with a generosity of spirit and endless patience.

From a personal perspective I have found Ip Man Wing Chun extremely beneficial. I feel that I have greater control not only over my physical form, but perhaps more importantly control over my mental state. My friends and family have told me on numerous occasions that my general behaviour continues to improve. Physically, the exercise helps my overall fitness, and with the benefits to my back, in terms of structural support have lessened the pain in my lower back.

Further, I have found a place, our Kwoon, and a family of brothers and sisters that give of their own time and knowledge selflessly. We learn and grow together, and enjoy the process. And all of this under Sifu. His technical ability is beyond all question. But to know the man, you need only enter our Kwoon. Sifu is a truly gifted and I believe the living embodiment of Ip Mans’ philosophy.

In conclusion, Sifu Robert Ley is my true Sifu, and I trust his judgement in all things Martial and in life in general. I look forward to following my masters path. To see the sparkle in my Sifus’ eyes when you learn a new principle, is reward enough in its self."

- Steven Toy

"Thank you Sifu Ley for introducing me to Wing Chun and Jeet- Kune -Do. Since joining the club not only has my physical fitness improved, so has my self confidence and outlook on life.  Wing Chung has taught me self motivation and discipline and I have already achieved some grades, Jeet- kune- Do has taught me street and self defence something that I never would have thought possible before meeting u Sifu Ley.

I've always been a physically active man and have enjoyed taking part in lots of different sporting activities.  This all changed for me in October 2004 when I slipped a disc in my back and following an emergency operation I was left with severe nerve damage and neuropathy in both of my legs.  This had a massive affect on my life, including having to learn to walk again. Fast forward to September 2014 when I saw an advert on Facebook for Sifi Ley's Wing Chung Jeet -Kune-Do I got in touch with Sifu and explained my physical health and he arranged a meeting with me to see if Wing Chung and JKD would be suitable.  Sifu understood my problems and assured me that with his support I could still learn Wing Chung and JKDthat I could take things at my own pace.  Since then I have never looked back.

Everytime I turn up at club I know I will get all the help and support that I need, not only from Sifi but also from all the other members.  Sifu has created a fantastic club, with great members which is the perfect place to be to achieve your Wing Chung and JKDgoals.  Wing Chung and JKD is now a part of who I am...Sifu Ley, I have you to thank for that!"

- John Beddingfield

"I Flew over from Switzerland to spend a week intense Cource called ITP (Intense Training Program) with Sifu Rob in JKD .
Sifu Rob is a great Master/person with a lot of knowledge in martial arts from a life time experience . his talent as a martial artist and teacher is amazing! he really gets Down to the detail to explain and demonstrate the reasons for why we do the things like movements/steps,punches, kicks , locks ,pressure points ,the theory , etc . it's great! I Really got to understand all the aspects and details much more then what I knew already.

It's a very friendly atmosphere at the gym . The students help each other out like brothers and sisters with a lot of respect and martial arts spirit.I highly recommend Sifu Rob Ley to anyone that wants to learn martial arts , he has really inspired me to train martial arts again and I will keep training online and be attending Robs martial arts academy because I really feel the improvement i have done in such a small period of time . Thank you soo much Sifu Rob , Mike and all the Students at the Rob Ley academy for welcoming me so much I really enjoyed my week and I highly appreciate it."

- Yiannis Ioannou